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JB Productions is a recording studio in Bloemfontein, South Africa, owned by Jaco Bezuidenhout, a trained musician, recording engineer and singer for more than 10 years. His combined skills of producing music and vocals enables him to bring out the best out of each vocal artist and/or production.

JBProductions was founded in 2002 when Jaco Bezuidenhout started studying Music Technology at the University of the Free State. What started out as an original composition-project, turned out to be his biggest passion today.

(Also see the Why Us section for more info on Jaco Bezuidenhout.)

After 10 years experience JB Productions has been involved with many kinds of projects and artists, ranging from the first-time singer to well established performers in the national music industry.

JBProductions specializes in the following services:

  • Recording of vocals for original or cover songs
  • Recording of live instruments for original or cover songs
  • Recording of Backing Vocals to current tracks provided by client
  • Making of Backtracks with or without live instruments or backings
  • New arrangements for cover songs
  • Arrangement, production, mixing and mastering of new music (with or without live instruments)
  • All Audio requirements such as editing length of tracks, digital enhancement and mastering of old recordings
  • Recording, editing and sound effects of audio for musicals and plays

JB Productions also produce live events and performances as required by the client.
This includes:
The creative process and producing the show, playlist of songs, preparation and technical requirements for the event, including sound and lighting.

See our OTHER SERVICES section for more detail on this.

JB Productions has a list of some of the best session musicians to incorporate in live production or studio productions.