Hendrico Muller

Hendrico Muller

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Hendrico was born in Bloemfontein on 4 September 2002 and is currently a student at the High School Sentraal in Bloemfontein.

From a young age he had a great love of music and singing and by the age of 6 he was singing at Babbelbekkies, which was part of Jana Stoltz Singing School. By the age of 8 he progressed to a student of Jana Stoltz herself and then later her husband Du Preez Stoltz

It has been 8 years now and Hendrico’s love for music and singing has grown and developed to the point that it is his passion. Along with the singing Hendrico wanted to learn to play the guitar and started formal lessons at 11 years old. He now performs regularly at events arranged by Jana Stoltz as well as other functions such as charity, church and other public events as well as festivals.

At the beginning of this year he became a student at CY Vocal Studio. This exciting new chapter with the very talented Cézanne Yzelle as his vocal coach, has made him even more passionate about his love for singing and music.  He is very grateful and excited to develop his  God given talent and can’t wait to see what the future holds with hard work and dedication!