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Corneil Muller is a well-acclaimed artist that was born and bred in the city of roses, Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State Province in South Africa.

He started with speech and drama classes with his mother (Petro Muller) when he was a little boy. At age 8 he started mastering the art of playing the cello under the very capable hands of Arend Brink (cellist and pedagogue).

From a young age he sang in various vocal groups and choirs and did solo performances (both cello, acting and singing) during school festivals and various eisteddfods. His official singing career started when he was 17.  

Corneil Muller - Cellist

Corneil Muller was awarded the prize for the best ensemble player at the Stellenbosch National ensemble competition held in the Endler Conservatorium in Stellenbosch in 2004. Later that year he also received a golden token from the ATKV for acting. In the same year he completed his matric at Grey College, in Bloemfontein.

Corneil Muller started studying at the University of the Free State from 2005 while touring, as soloist, with various groups around South Africa for both singing and playing the cello. As soloist (cello) he also partook in a tour to Egypt and Europe with the choir of the University of the Free State. He then stars in various professional productions as an actor, singer and cellist in and around the country.

Corneil obtained his degree in 2008 for Integrated Marketing Communication at the University of the Free State.

After returning from Empangeni in 2010, where he worked as an abattoir manager in a family business, he started working at Urban Hotels in Bloemfontein, as brand custodian.

Corneil was appointed Operational Director of the company Urban Hotel Operations in 2012 but decided to resign from corporate in 2016 to pursue his dream. This lead to a contract to sing abroad on the island Mallorca in Spain in 2017.

After Spain, he entered The Voice South Africa Season 3 where you can follow his journey on M-Net (channel 101) and VUZU (channel 116). #TheVoiceSa #TheVoice #TeamLira #TeamRiana

Being a freelance singer, cellist, actor and theatre project manager, he decided to relocate to the Western Cape where he is currently residing in Somerset West.

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