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Cobie (du Plessis) has been studying music from a young age with piano and singing as main subjects.  She received distinctions for both in Matric 1998. She sang in the Northern Natal youth choir in 1997 and 1998.

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She then went on to the University of the Free State, where she studied music for a year, after which she changed her major to Architecture. Her love for music persisted and consequently, Cobie has performed in a vast array of shows and venues, including, but not limited to:

  • The Sand du Plessis theatre,
  • Cansa events,
  • The Andre Huguenot theatre,
  • The Mystic Boer,
  • Oppie Koppie and
  • The Volksblad arts festival.

In 2018 she was contracted by Remarc international to sing in the Greek islands of Kos, Rhodos and Corfu. Here she performed 150 times in 7 months and sang music across genres from Opera to pop to Jazz.  Cobie composes her own music and is  a member of SAMRO. She has composed music for many other artists as well

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