Niel van Niekerk

Niel van Niekerk

Dr Niel van Niekerk behaal sy grade BA Drama en Toneelkunde 1989, BA Honneurs Engels 1990 en BA Drama Honneurs (Cum Laude) 1991 en sy MA in Drama (Cum laude) in 1997. Sy Ph D in 2003. Hy tree as regeisseur vir meer as ‘n 100 produksies op, skryf resensies en rubrieke vir die Volksblad, […]

Rozanne Raath

Rozanne Raath - Public Speaking

Rozanne Raath has been a therapist in Bloemfontein for over a decade.  She is also a writer ( on mental wellness, public speaker, teacher and married with two boys. THERAPY FOR INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES Rozanne provides therapy to individuals and families to obtain understanding, peace, fun and achieving their God-given goal as a family. Parents […]

Este Pistorius

Este Pistorius is a registered Psychologist with 25 years experience in private practice, working with children from the age of 3, teenagers and adults. Her passion for life and people, and for the ‘wounded soul’, drives her to touch each patients’ soul by means of psychotherapy. Then fill the scars and wounds with gold, as […]