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In the story of Puppet Park we explore the day to day life in modern day schools and society. Shedding a light on the less touched on topics that people turn a blind eye to or often shy away from due to their sensitive nature (i.e Teen love, pregnancy, safe sex, peer pressure, substance abuse, homophobia, sexuality, bullying, social media issues etc.)

There are many lessons to be learnt from Puppet Park and every school needs to witness the comedy, drama and life changing lessons that Puppet park has to offer.

Our intro video:

We’re here to educate and we call a spade a spade. While you might think the script is a bit ‘out there’ kids these days like things they can relate to and that’s ‘on their level’. We believe that this script connects with the children. It’s a script that they will actually find funny, but also learn valuable life lessons. Puppet Park can really get the kids thinking about the decision they make on a daily basis due to its relatable content.

The Characters:

  • Britney: Britney is Mrs. Wendy Lee’s adopted daughter. Mrs. Wendy Lee is loaded and spoils Britney way too mu ch. Britney is your typical ‘cool girl’ in school and a bit of a bully. She’s dating the Jock in school – Sakkie.
  • Sakkie: Sakkie as you might have guessed is also a bully and captain of the first rugby team. His dad, Mr. Poegenpoel is a teacher at Puppet Park (also a bully) and lives for rugby. Sakkie is a bully because his dad is an ass$*%@ and physically abuses Sakkie at home.
  • Mr. Poggenpoel: He’s Sakkie’s dad and like I said a bit of a terrible person. He is extremely homophobic and very outspoken about it. Loves to use the word ‘moffie’!
  • Mrs. Mabanga: She is the Life Orientation teacher at Puppet Park and tries to get rid of all the negative energies in school. She’s very pro-black and against ANY racism!
  • Neville: He is your typical school Nerd and in love with Britney, but everyone thinks that Neville is gay. He gets bullied a lot by Sakkie and Weston. He always confides in Mrs. Mabanga. He is called a ‘moffie’ a lot! #shame.
  • Weston: Weston is also a jock and best friend of Sakkie. Weston is a very talented and smart guy, but something is holding him back…Weston is gay.
  • Macky: He’s is a character in everyone’s head…he tells it like it is…sort of like your conscience. Macky is the character that talks the truth and nothing but the truth. He unconsciously deals with everyone’s issues.
  • Mrs. Wendy Lee: She is very rich and adopted Britney. She spoils Britney way too much and this makes Britney very popular in school…and a bully.