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Gertjan Holtzhausen

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Gertjan Holtzhausen holds a cum laude degree in Vocal Art obtained from the Tshwane University of Technology in 2007. 

Since his studies, he has already appeared in more than fifty theatre productions either as actor, singer, director, producer or playwright – on stages ranging from the State Theatre (Pretoria) to the Sand du Plessis Theatre (Bloemfontein). He also performed at various Art Festivals, including the Vrystaat Kunstefees (Bloemfontein), Woordfees (Stellenbosch) and the Gariepfees (Kimberley).

Some personal highlights include:

  • Gertjan was the producer and playwright of the Mikado Miniature which had two successful runs at the Theatre Vissi D’arte (in Pretoria in 2008 and 2009). It furthermore toured to the Catalina Theatre (in Durban) for two weeks in 2009.
  • The Vukuzakhe! Project: From December 2014 to April 2016 Gertjan was the tutor, director and playwright for the Lotto funded programme which aimed to empower students with performing art skills in Sebokeng, Sharpeville and Evaton.
  • Gertjan was the playwright of the Passion Play trilogy: Pilatus – ’n kruis in die pad (2016); Judas Iskariot – wat is die prys van bloedgeld? (2017) and Jesus – die passiespel (2018). It was performed in the Sand du Plessis Theatre. This is seen as South Africa’s biggest Afrikaans theatre community project. He also played the role of Jesus in this trilogy.
  • His first album, Allesins, was launched at the Centurion Theatre on 6 February 2016.
  • He sang, as part of Tharo, the National Anthem at the test against the Springboks and England on 16 June 2018.  

Gertjan is currently working for the ATKV (the Afrikaans Language and Cultural Association) as a regional manager and is proud to invest into South Africa’s language and cultural endeavours.  

He simply believes that “it should be enough to have Jesus and in Jesus all else,” and that South Africa is a wonderfully diverse country with infinite potential.

Listen to some tracks from Gertjan’s debut album, Allesins:

Watch some videos of Gertjan’s performances in the following stage productions: