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Fay Lamour Is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer from South Africa. Her music pays homage to
the upbeat jazz sounds of the 1920s whilst incorporating a modern twist that is sonically soft, yet
emotionally intense. Fay’s music is self-produced with various single releases during 2018 and 2019 as well
as a festival slot at the 2019/2020 Smoking Dragon Festival where she was featured on their main stage.
The first half of 2020 saw the release of her debut EP, titled: “Forty Second Street’ which received favourable
reviews from top South African music news publications such as texxandthecity.com, amongst others.
Thereafter she released her single ‘Take Me Back To The Start’ and ‘Lucy With The Fur’ which gained great
momentum amongst her fans and the music industry. This is followed by her second EP released in July,
titled: ‘Blue to Yellow’. It got multiple features, interviews and reviews. Starting with OFM, BloemCourant,
BluesBunny, DirtyPinkCity, Turn Up theVolume, UnderGroundPress, Texx and the City, SoundCheck, JustNj,
IoNoFM, KovsieFM and more. Fay’s new single “Lucy with the Fur” was also documented by Hidden Track
Sessions (JHB), SheWolf (UK) and Discover TV (CPT).