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Auctavia brings a different taste that appeals to the heart. Armed with an amazing voice and charisma to match, she will leave you dazzled and wanting more. With hear music she not only aspires to touch the world but also to spread the message of hope to the “seemingly” hopeless society.

She began singing from a very early age and won a few competitions for her school and church bands. Her eccentric voice has established her as a prolific soloist. She has worked with the likes of Teboho Moloi and the CUT Church Band. She has also performed at the Macufe Festival that is held annually in Bloemfontein.

She was recently cast on a Dream Girls theatrical project run by the University of the Free State in partnership with PACOFS where she played one of the leading roles as Effie. Auctavia is also a member of the Urban Gospel Collectives who are based in Bloemfontein.

Working alongside Bobby Johnson, an amazing producer, she has also released a single with the title “More than a Dreamer” which can be found on all major digital platforms.

Auctavia has shared the stage with the likes of Nonkosi, Thandiwa, Mazwai, Kelly Kumalo and Lady Zamar, which makes her definitely one of Bloemfontein’s finest!